Learn the foundational principles to
reclaim your health, energy
, and inner wisdom.

Learn the foundational principles to reclaim your health, energy, and inner wisdom.


This is the Modern Woman’s ESSENTIAL GUIDE  to take back her HEALTH, her LIFE and her JOY in this crazy, imbalanced world.

You will learn the essential tools and practices every woman needs to know to move through life feeling LIT UP instead of BURNT OUT. 

This course is the culmination of my 17 years of experience, education, and clinical practice packed into ONE life-changing online program.

I’ve distilled down the most essential concepts from Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine so you don’t have to spend another minute feeling yucky.

Rooted in the ancient eastern medicine traditions, you will learn the foundations for how to feel better without the stress or the daily self-care battle. 

The best part is that the principles I will share are easy to understand, inexpensive to implement and will dramatically change your life. 

By the end of this course, you will have the keys to reclaim your health, energy and inner wisdom, even if you don’t have a lot of time and energy for self care.

I’m Rachel Redmond

…and for the past 10 years I’ve been an Ayurvedic practitioner and more recently an acupuncturist. Women come to me wanting to know what to do to feel better, to have more energy, to resolve troubling digestive issues and hormone imbalances.

You’re in the right place if you want to fix your digestive issues, balance your hormones and ultimately live a happier, healthier life so you can devote more time to your career, your family and your purpose (or your pleasure!) in life.

Does this sound like you?

Do you feel like…

Do you long for…

If you’re reading this and saying “yes, yes, yes” or “omg, this is me!” know that you’re absolutely in the right place!

If you’re ready to take a positive and lasting step that will quite possibly transform how you live your life, I’d love to ask you to join me and this growing community of inspiring women who are ready to step into a healthier, happier version of themselves.

In this 7 week online program we explore the foundational concepts of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine so that you can finally start living the life that feels amazing to you from the inside out. 


This program Is an education-based experience that will teach you the essential tools to reclaim your health and happiness with my stress-free approach to self-care. 


Sounds good, right?

Here’s a detailed look inside the course:

Foundation 1:
Yin Way Philosophy

Foundation 2:
Know Thyself

Foundation 3:
Digestion Part I

Foundation 4:
Digestion Part II

Foundation 5:

Foundation 6:
Restore Your Sleep

Foundation 7:
Connect to your inner wisdom

The Yin Way Foundations program includes:

The program starts on February 11, 2020!

One time Investment of $697

VIP option: $997

Payment plans available:

Basic: 3 payments of $297

VIP: 3 payments of $397

Not sure if this program is right for you?

Together we will discuss whether this program is right for you.

What past participants have said about the course:

Rachel's expertise & passion for Ayurveda and women's health created a welcoming and educational 5-week life-changing course. What I think can feel like a simple thing to change, can also be the hardest thing to change. Through educational webinars, Rachel helped me understand the science and importance of why modifications in sleep, diet, exercise or stress can help my body create my own balance. I also loved that in addition to offering us educational tools, Rachel set up a time for our group to meet through Zoom. This on-line face to face experience created accountability, connection and I believe helped each one of us encourage the changes we were hoping to make. Rachels's course helped me appreciate more how our mind and body are our best resources for creating balance, wellness and a better quality of life. When done with self-compassion these things can take time but that the investment is worth it.

Cindy H

I really enjoyed this program. Rachel has a way of explaining things that makes everything so understandable, especially when she uses examples from her life. Rachel has previously helped me, so many of the things discussed were reminders for me. However, it is always good to hear again. The women involved in the program bounced ideas off each other and were really sharing and caring. I learned from these women as well as Rachel. Thank you for offering this program!!

Tameka D

I sincerely did not know what to expect when I signed up for The Yin Way 5 week online program. This program far exceeded any expectations that I could have had. After each training and each call, I yearned for more. Rachel is so very thoughtful and thorough in her content and delivery. I have worked with Rachel one-on-one and this program brought all of that work together and helped me gain an understanding of what she is seeing and why she advises the implementation of certain things. Whether it be food or lifestyle modifications, her goal is always your best interest and ease of implementation. This program delivered! I came away from this program with a better understanding of my own health, all the ways I was working against myself, and so many easy adjustments that I can implement to improve my own health and well-being long-term. The connection and support from within the group was added and unexpected bonus! I cannot fully express my gratitude and how pleased I am with this program. The program and Rachel – both amazing!

Jessica Beagle

The time is NOW to reclaim your health, energy,

and inner wisdom so that you can be
to enjoy your life.
Starts Monday, February 18th!